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Wonderful story and beautifully illustrated book telling story of Wylder James. Loved it. A touching story that elevates and gives lessons to adults and children alike. I can see (and hope it does) this becoming a series….a lot of possibilities with this. Authentic, genuine and pure – we need more realness like this. – dave crumby

This book is written and illustrated by Shannon Laffoon, Warrior Baby’s mother. The heartfelt words say so much about the love and inspiration one strong young Warrior can have, and how much he was loved by his parents, family, and friends. Shannon’s illustrations are wonderfully and artistically done, and I especially love the one of the Warrior and his dog, Maddie, floating in their pool.

This book doesn’t have to be for children only. Adults may think of it as a poem in book form, teaching us all about love and being strong.

I must post a disclaimer: I am Warrior Baby’s Aunt Bunny. In spite of my relationship to the author and subject of this book, my review is as honest as I could write it. Shannon has been such a strong and loving mother to Warrior Baby, and she continues to amaze me with her talents. I love this book, and I am going to keep it where I can read it over and over, as a reminder of the power of love. – judith laffoon

Warrior Baby is a powerful book. I do Adult Literacy Tutoring. My learner’s spouse died 3 months ago from cancer. At our lesson yesterday, we read Warrior Baby together and discussed the messages on each page. After finishing the book, my learner started talking about the grieving and depression being experienced due to the spouse’s recent death. The learner had never talked to another person about the emotions and grieving, but after reading the Warrior Baby book, this learner and I then read a book I found at the library we were at, regarding the 5 stages of grief.

We reviewed each stage of grief and discussed them. The learner was so relieved to learn that the feelings the learner was experiencing did not mean that the learner had a mental illness. The learner was truly thankful that I had shared Warrior Baby, and for our resulting discussion regarding grief and things that the learner could do to move forward with living, while still keeping the memory of the much loved spouse alive.

This wonderful Warrior Baby, Wylder James Laffoon, continues to share his message of HOPE. This book is not just for children. I have just witnessed how Warrior Baby can reach adults who are dealing with the death of a loved one. – unknown

Amazing book with beautiful words of a mom who loves with all of her heart. Love it. Heartfelt and real. Illustrations bright and colorful. – melissa lashmet

This is a melt-your-heart, full-of-love, tribute to an amazing little boy who, in his three years of life, touched the hearts of everyone who came in contact with him both near and far. Wylder James Laffoon battled a rare disease, Niemann-Pick A. He earned the name “Warrior” due to his courage, never-give-up attitude, and pure strength. At three years old, he taught us to stop and smell the roses, live in and for the moment with gusto, and never stop loving those around us.

This is a sweet and endearing read for the young, in-between and old. Wylder’s lessons of love, with his precious dog Maddie ever by his side, are meant for us all. This amazingly adorable child has indeed left the world a better place with his presence and lessons.

Treat yourself to this gift of love! – leslie lawyer

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