hi. i’m shannon and i thank you for visiting my shop.

i am inspired and create because i was a mother to a very special little boy.  my first child wylder james had a very rare disease called niemann pick (type a), that he never let get him down, no matter how hard that disease tried. his life here on earth was spent as a teacher and now i am making sure his lessons and voice is heard through simple children’s books with powerful messages all over the globe.

there is no force equal to that of a determined mother. i am his voice, although my littles never spoke a word, his messages were clear.  i wrote the children’s book warrior baby at first only for him, and now it has manifested itself into something bigger that i am sharing with all of you.  wylder’s lessons and messages are in this book for all to be reminded of and enjoy with your families.

wylder taugh me

he taught me to parent in the here and now.  he taught me to live out my dreams today.  he taught me to be grateful for my health.  he taught me the incessence of a child.  he taught me strength.  after 16 surgeries and 27 blood blood transfusions before his third birthday, he taught me perspective.  he taught me my complaints were weak.  he taught me unconditional love.  he taught me we are here for a greater purpose than trying to earn a living.

 i am going forward in my life with a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face … but with great and strong purpose in my in my heart.

 i create for him and for you.  to remember forever and to share gentle reminders through art.  my journey with wylder allowed me to see others pay it forward, and now i plan to do the same forever with our shop to give concept.  i will keep his lessons and legacy alive in the most simplistic of manners, though art … through children’s books, what wylder loved most.  i am now an author and an illustrator … because of being a warrior’s mom.  before becoming a mother i was an interior designer and a wife to a wonderful husband.  now with my wylder in my heart and a supportive husband’s to lean on, i am taking a risk and following my heart.

i believe

i believe dreams come true.  i believe in the goodness of people.  i believe laughter is the best medicine.  i believe in god.  i believe in staying positive.  i believe in love.  i believe in being silly.  i believe the power of wylder will change the world.  i believe in making a house a home.  i believe in paying it forward.  i believe in starting each day with a grateful heart. i believe in magic.  i believe dogs are smart.  i believe in happily every after.  i believe in being inspired by those you love most. i believe food is the key to my soul. i believe the sounds of the ocean can heal a broken heart.  i believe wishes come true.

my new life purpose is to remember always, the one who made a difference … my littlest … wylder james laffoon.

wylder's little brother expected 2.28.2014

wylder’s little brother expected 2.28.2014

the two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why – mark twain

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